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  1. Chris

    Glastron CV-16 newbee

    Awesome. I'd love to see some pics!
  2. Chris

    Mercury 250 hp ECU

    Have you tried a marine salvage yard? -Chris
  3. Chris

    150 Merc electronic Ghost.

    I don't know if it's the EFI version or the Optimax. But I would have a look at the ignition powerpacks and see if that's the issue. I've seen some of the symptoms you have had with one of both powerpacks on their way out. Let us know if you figure it out! -Chris
  4. Chris

    150 Merc electronic Ghost.

    What year is the motor? I know I've had issues in the past with my Mercs when the ignition powerpacks were going bad. -Chris
  5. Chris

    150 Merc electronic Ghost.

    What does it do or not do when you try to start it? Does it turn over? -Chris
  6. Chris

    The Eva

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing! :) -Chris
  7. Chris

    The Eva

    Cool story! -Chris
  8. Chris

    Polar Kraft No HIN

    On my aluminum boat there is a small metal tag attached to the right hand side of the transom on the back. The standardized tags started in 1972 in the U.S. So I would guess either your boat is older than '72 or the tag is missing...
  9. Chris

    Polar Kraft No HIN

    Did you check and see the HIN is physically stamped into the fiberglass? It would usually be stamped into the right hand side of the transom right below the rub rail. -Chris
  10. Chris

    Help/Suggestions/Ideas Wanted and Appreciated

    Hi Karnic, There is really not a standard hard set rule, for height for mounting an outboard motor on most transoms. In fact, some boats have jackplates which allow the owner to either manually, or electrically adjust the height. The height of the motor on the transom definitely can affect...
  11. Chris

    1994 Mercury Seapro MLH 55

    I wish I could remember the name of the salvage website I used. They were great to deal with. They also had an oddball tool that was needed as well. I think they had a location on the west coast and also one in Vancouver. Let us know how you ultimately make out! -Chris
  12. Chris

    1994 Mercury Seapro MLH 55

    Hi Warrian, A number of years ago I was looking for a part for my old 60's Merc. The part was actually obsolete. I used an online marine salvage and was able to get the part from them. Have you tried looking at that approach? -Chris
  13. Chris

    New Larson owner

    Hi Vannie, Did you have a look in the media gallery? 1972 Larson Brochure Above is a link to the 1972 brochure we have. These were scanned some time ago, this is all I have. -Chris
  14. Chris

    Prop Question

    It almost sounds like it’s not the same pitch. Is the diameter the same size as well? Some places will have some spare props around you can test with. I’m not sure where you bought this one. You could also mark the prop just to make sure the hub isn’t slipping.
  15. Chris

    New to forum and just got 2006 Four Winns H200

    Welcome aboard Esox. :) -Chris
  16. Chris

    Project "PROTEUS"

    I have three boats and they rarely see the water....too busy! LOL Oh well, maybe one day. :) -Chris
  17. Chris

    Formula Marine

    Cool - thanks for sharing. :) -Chris
  18. Chris

    Formula Marine

    What did you buy? :rof: -Chris
  19. Chris

    Can we please add....

    Hi Sean, I set up the Formula Forum. I created a test thread, let me know if it is working for you. :) -Chris
  20. Chris

    Test Thread

    Test thread. -Chris