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  1. nathan

    Putting my boat search on hold

    Well I have decided to put my personal boat ownership on hold. I will still boat and help on my Parent's pontoon (which is finally done) but will not look for a boat for me for a while. The reason for this decision is that I was given an opportunity to return to my first love Dirt track Racing...
  2. nathan

    getting a way

    Well my wife decided to take a weekend off of work (she works at academy). So I decided it was time to get away as a family. so next weekend we are taking dad's new truck, his travel trailer and go camping. the funny part is that when I asked april were she wanted to go her answer was Waco...
  3. nathan

    New "Family" Toy

    I am call this a new "family" toy because my dad said if we need to use it we could just like the travel trailer. He actually got this, after listening to me for once, to pull the travel trailer. so here is what it is. he got a 2012 Ram 3500 Crew Cab dually 4X4 slt with the Cummins diesel...
  4. nathan

    here we go

    Well I had a meeting today and I am being transferred back to Austin!! I am excited as we will be back in my home town and back around family. My family and I will move back in June because Cassidi has to finish school. We have been thinking about moving on my own to be closer to family. I...
  5. nathan

    epic fail

    Our kids are at my parents so April and I went to get something to eat. Well since we were in north Waco I figured I would try. so I drove a little further north to Heart o Texas speedway. I parked the truck, rolled down the windows, could smell the methanol. I also could see the sprint...
  6. nathan

    I am done trading cars

    Well I finally paid off my 2004 ram 1500 and I decided it was time to get April a nice car. so even though I really wanted to be payment free I decide this was a better idea for our family. it is a 2013 dodge Grand Caravan Crew. fully loaded with auto side doors and back door. uconnect...
  7. nathan

    way to go Harvick!!

    :bounce::bounce: that was an awesome race!! even better that Harvick won!! good to see JR get 2nd. just wish the penske punks would have taken each other out.
  8. nathan

    I want one of these

    I saw this on a program the other night. it would be awesome to have a quad that would then turn into a jet ski with a push of a button.
  9. nathan

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! hope all had a great day and safe travels.
  10. nathan

    nice fish

    this is a great video
  11. nathan

    fiest steps of addication

    I have always been told that the first steps to fixing an issue is to admit that you have an issue. so here is my admitted issue. I have a trading issue but my wife started it this time. so my wife kept asking to drive my dodge over the suburban. So I asked if she was missing the dodge and...
  12. nathan

    power plant help

    Hello guys I need some help/ideas. as I start to think about the rebuild on my 1983 chaparral 235 xlc I started thinking of what power plant to put in it. it originally would have came with a mercruiser 260 hp (chevy 350). I was given the boat with no motor or outdrive. I picked up a parts...
  13. nathan

    Time to relax

    worked late tonight to make sure all my paper work was done and all emails were sent. tomorrow it is down to my parents place to pick up their brand new 32 foot travel trailer and bring it back up here and take it out to lake Waco for a sunday night to Saturday morning week long camping trip...
  14. nathan

    look what followed me home

    went to my parents and my car hauler and my next project followed me home!! here she is it is a VW dune buggy frame that my grandfather built into what you see now. he did while he was recovering from a broken knee. I will get more information on the motor but I do know it is a motor...
  15. nathan

    summer just started..

    and it is already really hot here. this pictures was taken in the shade under a tree with my ac blasting!!
  16. nathan

    time to dive into a long waiting project

    ok so I sold my pontoon to my parents but they are letting me use it anytime and keep it here if I want. now on to the next project. they called me this morning and said that they did not want me to go look for another boat because at my price it would be a piece. instead they want me to work...
  17. nathan

    sean, bill or someone help

    ok guys I need help. I have possibility of a trade. A person has a 1970 owens Concorde 27 foot cabin cruiser with a fly bridge. does anyone know any thing about these boats? I am going to look at it tomorrow because it is a cabin cruiser that I would trade a pontoon for it is a no brainer...
  18. nathan

    blast from my past

    I was down at my parents this weekend and decide it was time to pull this out of storage and start to rebuild it so my girls and I can enjoy it. 1985 Honda 125m ATC three wheeler. it has been in storage for at least 5 years and I spent most of my child hood on it. needless to say...
  19. nathan

    picked you a new car for the wife

    so a couple of months ago I sold my dually so we could try to buy a house and have extra money for down payments and what not. I have grown tried of driving my dad's 93 chevy regular cab Cheyenne truck. I just don't fit in it. so I have been looking for something for April to drive so I can have...
  20. nathan

    1977 playcraft p24 pontoon

    I have not posted anything about my current boat. my wife did not like the deck boat so I traded it for a 1977 playcraft p24 pontoon as thats what she wanted. below is when I got it home. I have removed the rotten seats and added two storage boxes to the back. so now I have a fully open...