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    jet motors

    Im thinking on buying a new jet motor for my 16 ft Lowe flat bottom boat here in the north west it is a must to run our rivers I was thinking on a merk. around a 25 hp rated at the pump has anyone tried the motor and what you think Im replacing my old Johnson 30 hp rated at the pump.
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    Gas line

    I was told by a fellow boater I should drain the fuel from my gas line from tank to engin for winter is this needed and do you have to take apart the gas line squeeze bulb and quick disconnect ends
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    trailer lights

    has anyone tried the new lights for your boat trailer led,s they are costly are they worth it and do they last longer than regular boat trailer lights
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    this is great I think I can learn alot thanks
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    I have a 9.8 nissan outboard with a 4 blade prop 8.7x7 but this motor will not plane my 12 ft alum boat will a higher pitch prop help the boat will almost plane now . Thanks