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  1. Cooperider

    Grew up for auction!!!

    Here is your chance to be in the boat business.
  2. Cooperider

    How to build a fiberglass boat.

    This is going to be a long series on Youtube. Start to finish. Not sure how long its going to take, since I can only work on it on the weekends that I am home. But as it goes I'll some helpers that will help speed things up. Enjoy the first couple of vids. :thumb: iqfC2nFCbfY -Hi_HElHn1k
  3. Cooperider

    TEAMBAJA's new Baja project.

    A Blast. I'll let him tell you more about it.
  4. Cooperider

    2009 Miami Boat Show Pictures.

    Some other pics I took at the Miami Show this year. A HackerCraft.
  5. Cooperider

    A little Baja history.

    A little Baja history from the local TF. BUCYRUS -- A small fiberglass company named Aeroglastics Inc., which built parts and products for other companies, moved into building fiberglass boats in 1971. That company, Baja Boats, was originally located at 543 Jones St., which had been a roller...
  6. Cooperider

    250 Members

    :thumb: Congrats on reaching the 250 member mark.
  7. Cooperider

    Noah 2008

    NOAH IN 2008: In the year 2008, the Lord came unto Noah, who was now living in the United States, and said, 'Once again, the earth has become wicked and over-populated, and I see the end of all flesh before me. Build another Ark and save 2 of every living thing along with a few good humans' He...
  8. Cooperider

    Small boat paint job.

    I really mean small. Here is the paint job I just started on a set of molds for an RC boat. Base color is white, the black is the mold where I need to spray some color when the rest is dry.
  9. Cooperider

    It looks like retroboats has a few out of the mold. They've added some pics to the website. Looking good too.
  10. Cooperider

    OSO sold?

    I hear that Offshore Only has been sold. I read an article but can't find it now. I wonder how many will stay with them now that it is a "Corporate" site.
  11. Cooperider

    A Kite Board.

    This looks way funner than a Kite tube. 4JVaMXSG_-o
  12. Cooperider

    Welcome retroboats

    Welcome to endlessboating. I've seen your username around the boards. Glad you could join us here. I'd love to here more about retroboats. Maybe Chris will give you a deal on becoming a supporting vendor. Anyway, I'd love to hear more about your boats. Coop
  13. Cooperider

    Hey TeamBaja

    Hey Greg, can you go through you collection of Baja brochures and get me a few pics of an early 80's 170BR I/O, please? I may have a possible summer project soon.
  14. Cooperider

    Engineers are smart......

    There are two big conferences in for Engineers and one for Lawyers. They are both being held in the same building downtown. On the first day of the conference, two groups run into each other at the train station and chat while waiting in line to buy tickets into the city. When they...
  15. Cooperider

    1985 Sea Sprite with Custom Gel Work.

    Back when I had the original Coop's Garage, this was the first boat that got worked on, and it ended up being the last boat that got worked on. My dad loaned it out and it came back wrecked. So she got done twice. We got to do things the second time around that we couldn't do the first time...
  16. Cooperider

    No 30 minute edit?

    No temporary edit function? Its hard to correct mistakes without that.
  17. Cooperider

    Changing Avatars

    Chris, I used to be able to change my avatar on here, now I can't. Is that a premium option?
  18. Cooperider

    Hey Chris, Its time for us to sign up.

    Here is a spy photo from the Newport News Shipyard.
  19. Cooperider

    Hey Chris, another Trek vid for you

    The lost Voyager episode? o3vxDcBLGaU
  20. Cooperider

    Space Shuttle Cockpit view.

    Pilots eye view of a Space Shuttle landing.