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    Mercury 115 HP

    Hello All I have a question for our members. I got my engine back from the shop today and had the major issue's taken care off but upon starting it. When to engine is stopped for an hour or so the fuel runs out of the Fuel pump. Do I need to use a Prime Bulb or is my fuel pump getting weak...
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    Wanted prop

    Looking for a good used prop for a 115hp Mercury, 13.25 by 17pitch.
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    I looking for a set of propeller for a 115hp Mercury, the prop is 13.25 by 17 pitch. If you have a set kicking around, give me a shout
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    Traditional Fishing Boat

    Here is a miniture version of a "Flat". This type of fishing boat is still very common here on the Rock. I have many fond memories in one of these. This is a 20 ft Flat, it is now retired but served many a day on the Water. This Flat is App 14 ft
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    Stator rewiried

    Hello All I wish to find someone who can rewire a stator. I maybe able to get it rewired, rather than buy new. If you know of someone who can repair, please supply Contact info
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    Looking for part to fit a 115 mercury outboard 1979. I need a stators, Two switchboxes and a recitifer. Thanks
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    Schematic for Mercontrol

    I plan to reroute to a separate ignition for my boat. Do anyone have a schematic of the Electrial poration of the Control unit. If so let me know. Thanks
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    Servicing my 115 mercury outboard

    I plan to drop my merc of to a technican today and have him service it. I have never had this engine started and was planning on having him check the carbs and timing belt. Is there anything else I should have check while it is in the shop.
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    Speed apparatus/sensor

    Hello all What is the proper name for the unit that sends info to the Speed gauge? That is the unit on the outside of the boat.
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    79 Crestliner Cursader 770 Restoration

    I have undertaken a Restoration project. Below is a series of Pic that i had taken throughout the process. Crestliner Cursader Interior and all looks well But nothing is has it looks The restoration begins. The floor was a complete removal and replace. Experience...
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    Cant find anyone with a AMF Crestliner Crusader

    I have searched the web for Pic, Spec, Info or anyone who know someone who has a Cursader 770. With That being said "Do anyone here know of someone". I'm looking for info on the frame for the canopy. The one that came with the boat was totally destroyed and I would like to make another...
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    1979 Crestliner Cursader 770

    This is my Baby, I purchased her in Ontario and brought her home. I'm presently in restoration mode. I'm looking for any form of Info on this boat or sister boats.
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    Newbie here, Restorating a Crestliner

    Hello all I have purchased a 1979 Crestliner Cursader 770 and Im in the process of restoration and may have a question or two in the future.
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    Crestliner Cursader 770

    In the Brands discession , can you add another sub, such has Cursader 770.