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  1. Dale

    Los Angeles Boat Show

    The Los Angeles Boat Show began today at the LA Convention Center and goes through Sunday. I'm going to spend part of my weekend there. It should be fun. They have a full house. :drool: I'll be sure to take lots of photos and let you know what I see. Anyone...
  2. Dale

    Goofy Gets A Boat

    I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. This is too entertaining. Enjoy.:)
  3. Dale

    Merry Christmas

    “If life is the pursuit of happiness....then being on your boat in the water should be the Destination” May your skies be blue and your waters calm. Merry Christmas Everyone. :)
  4. Dale

    SCMA Announces 2010 Los Angeles Boat Show

    The Los Angeles Boat Show will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on February 18-21.:D It will be my first boat show, so it should be lots of fun for us. I'll be sure to take lots of photos for posting.:drool: If anyone else plans on attending let me know so we can meet. Dale
  5. Dale

    My New Mission

    I have a new personal mission. We went to Lake Pyramid on Monday. It was a beautiful day and we were really excited about getting out on the lake. We pulled up to the kiosk and discovered they don't take debits or credit cards. "Only Cash" Our only option was to cruise up the freeway to...
  6. Dale

    Moving Adjustable Winch Stand

    I want to adjust my tounge weight by moving the boat forward on my EZ Loader trailer. Does anyone know what moving the winch stand an inch is equal to in pounds or is there even an equation for this this? Also if I move the winch stand do I also have to move the bunks? I don't want to...
  7. Dale

    Southern Cali Hot Spots

    For those of you from Southern California. Where are the best places for boating, water skiing etc? We recently bought a new boat, but have not spent much time on the water down here. We have been to Castaic and Pyramid with it. There OK, but I want some room to roam & open it up. They both...
  8. Dale

    New Boat Owner, New to Website

    We finally took the plunge and bought a boat of our own. ( Brand new 08 Larson 226 Senza) We got her wet for the first time last Tuesday. She ran like a champ. We can't have too much fun during the break-in period. It's really difficult holding back on that 300 hp of engine. This website...