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  1. Dale

    Los Angeles Boat Show

    Chris, I did consider that may have been the problem after I wrote the post. We did go on Sunday, the last day of the show. I just found the experience weird. You would think that Sunday would have also been the busiest day, so you would think they would have been ready for it. I also found...
  2. Dale

    Los Angeles Boat Show

    The 2010 Los Angeles Boat Show was interesting. Much smaller than I expected which was diappointing. It was only one floor. I expected it to be much larger. Economy driven I'm sure.:( To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, we were through the entire place in less than two hours. That...
  3. Dale

    Los Angeles Boat Show

    The Los Angeles Boat Show began today at the LA Convention Center and goes through Sunday. I'm going to spend part of my weekend there. It should be fun. They have a full house. :drool: I'll be sure to take lots of photos and let you know what I see. Anyone...
  4. Dale

    Want fast small boat ??

    That's great to know. I'm glad you found someone with the knowledge who knows. Like I said , everything I know about them I learned in 15 minutes on the web last night. Good luck with the build.
  5. Dale

    Want fast small boat ??

    Hello ATVGUY, Welcome aboard. I wish I could say I have the answer you're looking for, but I had to go look it up and see what a Humber Jewel was. I was able learn a little more about them on their website and searching the web. They look like they would be a blast although I agree with...
  6. Dale

    2010 Toronto International Boat Show Coverage

    Chris, Thanks for the posting of all the pics. This all good stuff. Keep them coming. :cheers: I looking forward to the Los Angeles show in February. I'm hoping that Cobalt that Boat Tech posted pictures of is there. I would like to see that up close.
  7. Dale

    New to this sight

    Welcome aboard woodenboatpa. I love the look and feel of wood. It sounds like you're in the right business. Dig your passion. Anytime we can make a living doing what we love we're miles ahead of the rest of the world.
  8. Dale

    Chris, Is there a way for me to delete new posts without reading them. I'm looking for a...

    Chris, Is there a way for me to delete new posts without reading them. I'm looking for a quicker way of moving through the ones I have no interest in. Thanks Dale
  9. Dale

    Two NBA players pull guns on each other in the locker room

    Classic! Wonder what they were betting on. Could it have been basketball???:sssh:
  10. Dale

    Happy Birthday Dale

    Thank you guys. Happy New Year.:cheers:
  11. Dale

    Here is a few older style boats to look at.

    Very Cool. Thanks for sharing. :thumb: I really would like to take that 65 Jones KT for a spin.
  12. Dale

    Goofy Gets A Boat

    Boat Tech, I did notice that. I'm not sure what year that was made, but it's nice to know the cartoonist was a speed nut even back in the day.
  13. Dale

    Goofy Gets A Boat

    I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. This is too entertaining. Enjoy.:)
  14. Dale

    Merry Christmas

    “If life is the pursuit of happiness....then being on your boat in the water should be the Destination” May your skies be blue and your waters calm. Merry Christmas Everyone. :)
  15. Dale

    saw a vandutch today

    That's cool in a weird way. How long before we see it in a James Bond flick?
  16. Dale

    31 Express

    Welcome aboard Mike. :cheers: 31' sounds like an adventure alright. Do you have any pictures of her?
  17. Dale

    big sterndrive

    What is a stern thruster? It is a propulsion device that is conventionally mounted on the stern of a boat that allows the operator to move the stern in a port or starboard (left or right) direction. It will drastically improve an operator’s ability to man over a boat which is especially useful...
  18. Dale

    hi from socal

    js25, I'm from Southern California as well, "High Desert" area. Can you tell us more about yourself? Do you own a boat and if so what kind? We just purchased a new one in September. A 22' Larson. I'm new to the forum as well. I have been using it for about 3 months. If you're using the...
  19. Dale


    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.:)
  20. Dale

    "For Sale" Tube

    Thanks for the tube Escape. Can't wait for spring to roll around so we can put it to use.:bigthumb: