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  1. Sean

    Project "PROTEUS"

    Well, with a classic wooden runabout and a 1964 Formula Jr. project boat I need another boat like a hole in the head. I really don't need another project boat but, here I sit after just purchasing a 19' KAVALK project. This one is Canadian made with a glass hull topped with a wooden deck...
  2. Sean

    WTB: Mercury Spitfire X7 19p

    In the never ending pursuit of prop perfection.... Looking for a 19P Spitfire X7
  3. Sean

    Formula Marine

    Yay!!! Formula Marine is here.... I'll start filling this up soon :)
  4. Sean

    Can we please add....

    Formula marine to the "Brand Discussions" section? Thanks, Sean
  5. Sean

    Happy 4th

    Happy 4th to all our American friends. Be safe boating out there!
  6. Sean


    So, if you read the other threads you'll remember I sold project SEANZI (a 1965 Donzi Ski Sporter 16) and mad a trip all the way to Miami for a 1965 Formula Jr. in much worse shape! Here's the first post back in December 2016: Well, It's been a while since I reported in..... I have been busy...
  7. Sean

    Merry Christmas for 2017

    ...and a happy new year! Keep it safe and we'll all be boating in a few weeks :)
  8. Sean

    Picked up a new (to me) trailer

    Well, The plan to get my Formula Jr. out of Florida is really picking up speed. Crossing the Canadian/US border with a US trailer is sooooo difficult as Canada treats the trailer like a vehicle. So, I always buy a trailer in Canada and haul it down empty to wherever I'm going. However, this...
  9. Sean

    A HA!

    Since 2014, I have noticed an issue with my stern drive being less than responsive and dropping down (over a day or two) while on the trailer. I replaced all the lines and had the trim pump serviced. Everything still worked, just not really well. I could not find any visible leaks. My...
  10. Sean

    I have not been posting much but...

    ...I have been boating A LOT! Poker runs, lake tours and the show circuit 2016 has been a busy boating season despite some not-so-nice weather. The trend looks to continue and I also have a trip planned to Florida to pick up my new project boat (a 1965 Formula Jr). Is everyone else...
  11. Sean

    WTB: Merc Trophy Plus 19p

    Have new gears... brought her up to 4,500rpm... Still like to try one less blade than my Hi - Five So......... Looking for a Trophy Plus.
  12. Sean

    It's May, right?

    Finally, the 2016 boating season is about to start in earnest. I went Saturday to get my Greavette out of storage and bring it home. Other than the fact it rained all day (similar to the day I put it away) it's not a big deal. Except that in late afternoon, it SNOWED! And... then Sunday...
  13. Sean

    Dock line size

    WOW. I learned a lot recently about dock lines. See this thread over at!
  14. Sean

    All this for a thermostat housing?

    Okay, so I have been looking for a very hard-to-get thermostat housing for my SBF Holman Moody engine build and I actually come across one. However, it was still attached to the rest of the motor but that didn't stop me from buying it! This motor is a 221 cid SBF, set up as an Interceptor...
  15. Sean

    It Must be February

    It's so quiet I can hear the ice cracking on the lake :)
  16. Sean

    Anyone 4 TIBS

    The Toronto International Boat Show is almost upon us... Anyone going?
  17. Sean

    Geeeeeeeez, it must be fall

    Getting a little quiet here! Fall is a busy time for boaters with haul out & clean up, winterization and then planning all the stuff you have to do over the winter for next boating season............ C'mon fess up!
  18. Sean

    A change of set up

    When we re-launched our restored Greavette in 2012, there were some teething problems that had to be solved. The largest was an overheating issue in the I6 250cid 165HP Mercruiser. After a summer of attempts and a bucket of $ (more than a couple thousand) the decision was made to repower. for...
  19. Sean

    The ACBS Toronto 2016 summer boat show

    The ACBS Toronto 2016 summer boat show in Gravenhurst, Ontario is being held July 9th 2016. This years featured marque is GREAVETTE! Boats will be coming from across Canada and the U.S.A. for this event. I encourage anyone with a Greavette to become a member (show entry is free) of the...
  20. Sean

    Boat's out!

    After a great boating season (just 4 months long) we had our last run on Sunday. With a friend in his 21' Greavette and me with our 18' Greavette we cruised the chain of lakes near Huntsville, Ontario ; Lake Vernon, Fairey Lake and Penninsula Lake. It was a warm day with sun and some puffy...