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  1. BosnBill

    Bermuda Challenge 2013

    Fertig and Gavin try to capture the fastest time in the Bermuda Challenge 2013 in a new 39' hull with twin 480 hp diesels. Check out the props. Bermuda Challenge 2013
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    Do You Know Your Nautical Sayings?

    Nautical sayings slip into my dialogue from time to time and I think I use them correctly, but I rarely stop to think where they came from. Can you think of any more? Nautical Sayings
  3. BosnBill

    Rogue Wave - True Story

    A commercial fisherman was battered by one of those rogue waves you hear about in the tall tale chronicles of the sea. He's one experienced boater who lived to tell about it. Rogue Wave - True Story
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    How Hurricanes Get Their Names

    Hurricane names are chosen from a list selected by the World Meteorological Organization. There are six separate lists of names for Atlantic Ocean storms, with one list used each year. In 1953, the National Weather Service picked up on the habit of Naval meteorologists of naming the storms...
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    2013 Hurricane Forecast

    2013 hurricane forecast.
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    What to Bring on a Boating Trip

    There are a lot of things you need to bring on a boating trip depending on variables such as length, how far and how long and most of us usually get it right, not always. Here is a primer that most newbies may find useful. Essential Gear for a Boating Trip.
  7. BosnBill

    Classic Racing Yachts

    I know this website is primarily for motor boaters, not rag baggers and there is sometimes bad feelings about those "other boaters", but I consider myself a boater. In fact, I'll admit it. I was once a sail boater and I loved it. Traded in my sheet and shackles for a fast outboard and water...
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    Do I Need Trim Tabs?

    My trim tabs gave out last season. The piston in one of the so called "actuators" was no longer working and I had to run in the hole until I could get up enough speed to see over the bow, especially with passengers in the stern. This ever happen to you? Here's a video from Ship Shape TV that...
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    Choosing a Boat Name

    What is the name of your boat and how did you decide on the name you chose? Did you violate any of the cardinal rules for naming your boat?
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    Freedive in the Tropics

    This should invigorate your boating urgings and water lust...Freedive To Freedom
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    Best Boating Photos

    Here are some great boating and "on the water" photos from amateur and professional photographers. These are some of the winners of a recent photo contest. Best Boating Photos.
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    Offshore Powerboats

    Whatever your opinion about offshore powerboats you have to agree they have a special, elite place in the boating world and the guys that race them are a breed unto themselves. Marc Garnet, driver of the Miss Geico is no exception. Offshore Powerboat Racing.
  13. BosnBill

    What Kind of Crazy Do You Call This?

    This makes for great show, but would you risk it? Donzi does a massive wave drop. :rof:
  14. BosnBill

    Black Marlin Sinks Fishing Boat in Panama

    How doe this happen? Black Marlin Sinks Fishing Boat in Panama. :yikes:
  15. BosnBill

    Xtreme Wakeboarding

    Do you wakeboard or have you seen the professionals at the tournaments doing xtreme wakeboarding jumps, flips, grabs, spins, inverts on water props? If they're are done right they're incredible, even the fails are worth the show. Here's a sample video: Xtreme Wakeboarding
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    Tropical Island Paradise

    This isn't really a boating post, but it's for boaters who love the water and for whatever reason can't get back in their boat until Spring. This video might help to tide you over until then. A Tropical Island Paradise Awaits You. Nathan, this might even work for you. I heard you had snow...
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    Happy New Year 2013!

    Happy New Year 2013 to everyone on Endless Boating!
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    Orca Tries to Communicate with Humans

    Luna, a wild Orca boy tries to communicate with humans by imitating a boat motor. Luna, the Orca Boy Better imitation than I can do. :D
  19. BosnBill

    The Submarine

    Alright you boating hotdogs, how did he do this and would you do it yourself? The submarine.