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  1. Chris

    Test Thread

    Test thread. -Chris
  2. Chris

    Arcade Back Open!

    Hi Gang, I got the arcade fixed up and it's back open again. Give it a go and let me know if you have any issues. :) -Chris
  3. Chris

    Donation Supporting Member Thank-You Thread

    I'd like to thank one of our members "nathan" who has been kind enough to donate and support the site by getting a supporter's subscription. Thanks nathan! I appreciate you VERY kind support of the forums. :thumb: I hope you enjoy your subscription! :) -Chris
  4. Chris

    My favourite band is back!

    The return of Diamond Dave! After 28 years of waiting my patience paid off! :bounce: -Chris
  5. Chris

    Happy New Year 2012!

    Happy New Years 2012! :) I'd like to thank everyone here on Endlss Boating for a great 2011 and I'm looking forward to a wonderful and prosperous 2012! :cheers: -Chris
  6. Chris

    Chris & Yolie's 2011 Cottage Thread

    Well, we opened up the cottage this weekend. So first stop was clearning up the road so that we can get in. Luckily, there were only a few trees down this year. :) First order of business was trying to break up some branches. I tried pulling, yanking, jumping etc. Then another...
  7. Chris

    Front Page Picture Nominations!

    Hey Guys, I was thinking of changing up the front entrance pic. Poor Chris E.'s kid is probably in college by now! :D So here's your big chance to have your boat grace the front page of the site for a bit. If you would like to nominate a pic please post it in this thread and we'll see if we...
  8. Chris

    The Tractor Blues

    I saw this YouTube posted on another site and thought it was pretty neat. I also found a few others like it that are also neat as well. The Tractor Blues who knew? :D jbN-jO11vKg
  9. Chris

    NHL to return to Winnipeg?

    Hey John! If the Jets return to Winnipeg, do they become your defacto favourite team? Let's hope it happens! :bounce: -Chris
  10. Chris

    Any plans for the President's Day/Family Day weekend?

    Happy long weekend, I was wondering if anyone has any plans for President's Day in the U.S. or up here in Canada what we call family day? Are any of our warmer climate folks going to do some boating? :) Personally, I'm a little down with the Flu so I'm hoping to do a little R&R and...
  11. Chris

    2011 Toronto International Boat Show Coverage

    Direct Energy Center - Toronto, Ontario - January 16, 2011 Today marked the day when we take our annual trip to the Toronto International Boat Show. :) The weather was quite cold with the temperatures hovering around -12 Celsius and with the windchill supposedly it felt like -20 Celsius - at...
  12. Chris

    Just got back from the 2011 Toronto International Boat Show

    Hey Gang, We just returned from the 2011 Toronto International Boat Show. :) There were quite a few people there I'm happy to report. We managed to take quite a few pics, it's always hard though when there are a lot of people in the way. Yolie is really under the weather, so yours truly had...
  13. Chris

    What the hell!?!

    Alright, mini-rant time here for me... I'm sitting here watching the Leaf game and I see a commercial for the New 2011 Ford Explorer. Ford Explorer, I think I'll Google it and check it out. Now let me say and admit, that I'm not really a Ford guy per se. I'm more of a GM man...
  14. Chris

    Happy New Year's 2011

    I'd like to wish everyone in the community a Happy New Year 2011! I hope you have a very prosperous and very healthy 2011. :) I'm looking forward to getting started in January by heading to the Toronto International Boat Show! :thumb: -Chris
  15. Chris

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Years 2010!

    I'd like to wish everyone a VERY Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Years 2010. :) I'd also like to thank everyone for a great year in 2010 and I look forward to even more fun in 2011. :thumb: I hope 2011 is very healthy and prosperous for all of you and I look forward to sharing it with...
  16. Chris

    The Baddest Caddy Ever?

    I'm not sure if you guys have seen this company Hennessey Performance that has a upgrade kit for the Caddy CTS-V's. Check these two videos out, after watching you'll have one of these on your wish list. :devil: First the dyno... fGwR54X7Xos
  17. Chris

    Highway Backed Up? Just Take The Canal!

    Pretty crazy stuff! Check it out! :bigthumb: -Chris
  18. Chris

    Chris & Yolie's 2010 Cottage Thread

    I thought I'd post a few pics that we took this year at the cottage. I'm looking forward to next year already, hopefully spring will come early. I hope you enjoy our pics. :) -Chris
  19. Chris

    Winter 2010 is coming!

    We had some snow this weekend at the cottage. I woke up to two or three inches worth! Yuck. :eek: A bunch of it melted by the afternoon, but you can see in the pics, that there was still a good deal left. Hopefully spring 2011 will arrive early! :thumb:
  20. Chris

    NHL 2010-2011 Season Discussion Thread

    The regular season is right around the corner! :bounce: The Leafs seem to be a bit better this year, with the new additions they've made. Hopefully they'll make the playoffs this year, but hope springs eternal as the saying goes. Anyone else a hockey fan? If so, what team are you...