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  1. dave

    how long has your boat been out of the water?

    took mine out on 3 jan 12 back in on 10 mar 12, shortest winter here ever only out for 68 days.
  2. dave

    starting engine rebuild

    i am going to start the rebuild this week. i got the engine back from the machine shop, it was bored out .020'' to clean up the marks in the cyclinder walls and i got them to press the new pistons on the rods. i have t strip the heads and send them down to be planed but for now i can assemble...
  3. dave

    merry christmas

    merry christmas everyone
  4. dave

    any winter projects?

    i am going to rebuild my engine this winter. it is in at nova automotive getting bored out .020'' over and i am getting them to install new cam bearings in the block for the new performance marine camshaft. after i get the garage finished i will put the boat in and get to work. anyone else have...
  5. dave

    big sterndrive

    been busy the last six weeks rebuilding theese two stern thrusters at work.
  6. dave

    boat sunk

    got a phone call this morning and my boat was sunk. flushed out the engine 4 times and got her running and all is ok, put it back in the water and it runs fine.
  7. dave

    blown engine

    went boating out in the salt water yesterday and the engine got a ticking noise. i never noticed any performance problems but when i put it back in the lake in the late afternoon the noise changed from a tick to a rattle then it stopped. now i am looking for the parts to change it over to a...
  8. dave

    no fuel

    i went to go boating on sunday but my engine was running out of gas at the warf. there was 3/4 of a tank in it so i started looking for problems, the fuel pump did not seem to be sucking so i installed an used electric pump and it still would run out of gas. then i took the boat out of the water...