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    Servicing my 115 mercury outboard

    Hello All Finally got my motor back from the Shop today. Took a little while to pay the bill, since the shop charged me over a grand for the work. I had the Stator , switchboxes and rectifer replaced. I purchased them through some company in the States. The motor is running great, had a...
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    Mercury 115 HP

    Hello All I have a question for our members. I got my engine back from the shop today and had the major issue's taken care off but upon starting it. When to engine is stopped for an hour or so the fuel runs out of the Fuel pump. Do I need to use a Prime Bulb or is my fuel pump getting weak...
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    Marine Grade Carpet Supplier~

    Spikedbat What did you decide on? How did it all turn out.
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    Marine Grade Carpet Supplier~

    I agree dave. When I tore out the floor in my Crestliner it had outdoor carpet and it was still very tough. So when I replace I also used outdoor carpet.
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    Wanted prop

    Looking for a good used prop for a 115hp Mercury, 13.25 by 17pitch.
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    I looking for a set of propeller for a 115hp Mercury, the prop is 13.25 by 17 pitch. If you have a set kicking around, give me a shout
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    88 bayliner capri restoration

    Trief How are you making out with the restoration?
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    79 Crestliner Cursader 770 Restoration

    I personally, dont see the reason for waiting, If your plywood is dry then go for it. I keep reading on these forum the term" apoxy" is this a fancy term for Fiberglass. If so I think you made a great choise. If not then I can not answer your question. I'm a fiberglass man myself, I love the...
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    79 Crestliner Cursader 770 Restoration

    Joeseif Take a look around at my pic's, they may help you out. Feel free to ask all the questions you like. Take a few pic's of your crestliner and start a thread in the Brands section under AMF. or start a thread in the...
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    79 Crestliner Cursader 770 Restoration

    When I replaced the deck/Floor I used 5/8 plywood, D Grade. As for the interior shots, I came up with my own design, IE swivel chairs and the plush look for the vinyl. The carpet on the floor is indoor/outdoor carpet. I will look for some pics to post later. The pooling of the water , I let it...
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    Traditional Fishing Boat

    Here is a miniture version of a "Flat". This type of fishing boat is still very common here on the Rock. I have many fond memories in one of these. This is a 20 ft Flat, it is now retired but served many a day on the Water. This Flat is App 14 ft
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    Stator rewiried

    Thanks Guy I appresiate the comments and advice but I have decided to purchase a new one.
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    Stator rewiried

    Hello All I wish to find someone who can rewire a stator. I maybe able to get it rewired, rather than buy new. If you know of someone who can repair, please supply Contact info
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    79 Crestliner Cursader 770 Restoration

    The fuel tank will go under the Splash well inside the housing between the rear seats. It is a 20 gallon.
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    79 Crestliner Cursader 770 Restoration

    Completed Version