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    how long has your boat been out of the water?

    took mine out on 3 jan 12 back in on 10 mar 12, shortest winter here ever only out for 68 days.
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    Tilt Trim Motor

    i have chucked the armature up in the drill press and polished the comutator with emery cloth to get it smooth, then reolace the brushes and it should work fine.
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    Running hot

    when you run an engine at home on the hose the water pressure from the hose is enough to keep it from overheating even with a bad impeller in the drive, chris is right check the water pump in the drive.
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    1988 Donzi Z21 project

    nice job
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    New from Texas

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    Stator rewiried

    call ozark's in saint john's they may be able to do it for you
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    79 Crestliner Cursader 770 Restoration

    looks like she turned out good, did you get your engine running?
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    try alian's sales and service in cocagne new bruinswick, they have the largest supply of used parts on the east coast. or phone them at 506-576-6621, you will need your year make and serial number when you call and i never had any problems with shipping.
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    Marine Grade Carpet Supplier~

    i bought some outdoor carpet at home depot last year for $20.00 and glued it down with the marine adheasive and it came out just fine.
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    Restoration in progress

    looks like it will be better than new when you are all finished, keep up the good work.
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    Yamaha 40 Outboard still no run

    when this happens i found the best thing to do is to leave the key out and take some valve grinding compound and lap the flywheel to the crank before you install a new key, if not you can get arcing between the two causing a bad ground.
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    mariner40 troubles

    take the hose off that goes to the pee spigot and see if water comes out, if it does the little thing is pluged try poking it with a piece of wire. if you still have no flow pull the hose off the head and poke around in there with a piece of wire it gets pluged with sand and rust sometimes.
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    1965 Steury Information/help?

    as far as i know you can still get the boot for your omc stringer from your omc dealer, they will probally be able to give you the spec on the carbs you need as well and you can order rebuilt ones from you auto parts store.
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    Approaching 1000 Total Members Mark!

    job well done chris, if it wasn't for people like you the world would be a crappy place.
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    Yamaha 40 Outboard still no run

    i have seen the flywheel cut the key off and that would explain the popping noise, the engine would still show spark at the plugs but would be sparking at the wrong time.