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    MERCURY 30/40 Hp EFI Petrol 4 Stroke

    If you're still dealing with this then you may want to consider buying a wiring diagram from Mercury Marine for your engine model using your engine serial number so you can chase the wiring colors for the circuit in question. Also try looking at the colors of wires at the coils, Main Relay...
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    90hp mercury pulls hard to right

    Have you found the issue yet? What design steering do you happen to have as there seems to be 3 designs offered to your engine model. 2B393883 = MERCURY ME 90ELPT COMMND THRUST EFI 4S 90EFI ELPT 4...
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    96 195 Sundowner bow light removal

    How did you make out with this project? Get it open yet? If not we may need photos to try and help better.
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    Is this company legit or a scam?

    While the deals seem good... Like many other so called marine companies like this one that pop-ups here and there selling very low cost outboards; 'Most likely they're going to be an untrustworthiness place to do oversees transactions with.... Also when the many places like these that tend to...
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    Brand New Outboard

    Hi there, though you may have bought something by now... One thing to consider in/on your engine purchase would be to do your best to try and know if there are a high handful of local dealers for that engine manufacturer both where you live and the general area you plan to visit most frequently...
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    Looking for carpet

    There are lots of places online to help find carpet to fit your boat....Just search "Marine Snap In Carpet". I can't recall the name at this time but at least one place if not all offer to send you a template type paper to make the pattern you want for them to make it up....I'm guessing on...
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    '72 STEURY

    Hi there, What engine model you have? An engine serial and or model number depending on engine brand is typically needed to help find correct engine parts if/when needed.
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    manual wanted

    You're looking for service manual number 8... Merc part number 90-44553 R2 updated Dec 1993 - Covers engine models: MM 4‑Cylinder All 1985–1989–...
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    Ruling green-lights Cobalt lawsuit against Brunswick

    Hope this lawsuit doesn't hurt the relationship between Brunswick Corp. which = Mercruiser being installed in Cobalt boats for the dealers that are Mercruiser only. Cobalt likes Volvo Penta but ilmor marine engines has come along way now...So maybe ilmor will become another option if it isn't...
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    Trailer set up for 1987 241 Linberator

    Hi there, if you are still looking for some measurement help for the boat/trailer, you might also want to try posting this same question over on iboats too as I do believe we have a few active members that own some liberator boat models... Trailers and Towing Hope you get it figured out, good...
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    Happy Birthday Nathan

    Hum what a coincidence, though it's been sometime now since I've checked in here at Endless boating, 'Every once in-awhile I'll swing by here just to see what the latest happenings are and while I was "logged out" as a member, I happen to notice today was Nathan's birthday so I figured I'd go...
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    Are you going to do the work yourself or have it done by someone such as marine service shop? If you haven't done so yet, it's important to grease up the engine coupler every year or two. There should be two ways to add grease to the coupler on your 2006 engine model....One is there should be...
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    Stern Drive trim issue

    What year drive and transom assembly do you have? What model trim pump do you have? The style seen below is self bleeding for sure but you need to run it full up and down a good 10 times to air it out so it works and holds good. Check oil level with drive down.
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    Bow tent

    Something like these for example?
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    Forum member EB News Bot status report

    Hey Chris, I haven't been online here as much as I used to be but I just noticed that Super Moderator EB News Bot has not been reporting the latest news lately in the Boating Industry News Feed Forum anymore or been online for awhile. Did he give up on you?:( Is he still alive and kicking?:)...